Thursday Want-ads
September 20, 2018


gs: today-Sat at 1204 W. 12th, West Housing Apartments, Apt #39. furniture, heaters, shoes, end tables, sofa, tools, weedeaters, more


1--5 gallon bucket automatic transmission fluid for $20. Call 254-482-2373
2--fs: land in Rogers area, 2006 dodge durango will finance, boat, sink, and trailer. Call 254-493-2408
3--fs: 2004 chevy pickup with 68K miles and 2 tractors. Call 512-484-3431
4--fs: White brand whoodchipper, porcelain dolls, and apple kitchen ware. Call 254-239-4827
5--fs: chevy v8 cylinder heads and engines, carburetors, gm engines, and will resurrect cars. Call 254-482-0524
6--gs: 122 S. Travis in Rockdale today until 3PM and tomorrow weather permitting.
7--fs: 3 small bbq pits and an electric dryer for $50 OBO. Call 297-9274
8--fs: 18 inch tires for $100 OBO and small BBQ pit. Call 979-540-9544
9--fs: 2 boxes of clay pigeon and thrower for $50. Call 254-697-9106

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