Thursday Want-ads
August 17, 2017


fs: wood burning fireplace insert. 254-627-9087

fs: beige couch and matching chair. queen mattress and box spring. $100 for all. 254-657-2264


1--want: retired carpenter for garage door help. 512-446-4608
2--gs: Sat at 2045 Oscar Lane in Oscar. German bench, glassware, wood chipper, baby stuff, furniture, more.
3--fs: Maytag dryer, $125. small AC, $50. 512-446-4222
4--fs: 16' v-bottom boat. young game laying hens. 254-654-7568
5--fs: black glass entertainment center. vaccum cleaner. 2200w generator. paper shredder. 239-4827
6--free: couch. 301-5342
7--fs: 55-gallon drums, $10 each. chainsaw. gas grill. 979-540-9544
8--gs: Fri on N. Bowie in Cameron.

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