(CAMERON) Appraisal notices have been mailed out to most property owners. 

Milam Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Dyann White said appraisal notices were mailed out last Friday, with the exception of Business Personal Property because of the extended deadline of May 15th. The deadline for business personal property renditions was extended until May 15th because of COVID-19. The Appraisal District is also still closed to public access, though staff is in the office from 9AM-4PM weekdays to answer phone calls and respond to mail and emails. Property owners will have until June 1st to protest their values after getting their notices. Due to COVID-19, protests must be filed by mail, email, fax, or online through the website. There will also be no person-to-person informals this year. Protest hearings may be held over the phone if COVID-19 issues persist. Certified Appraisal Values will be sent to the taxing units by July 25th. There are currently no waivers or extensions pertaining to this year`s ad valorem appraisal year. Any such waivers or extensions would require legislative action. For questions, call 254-697-6638, fax 254-697-7752, or email 

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